Subjex is the production incarnation of Matthieu Debliqui from Lille, France, who runs the Bedroom Research and In Vitro labels. His warped sonics first came to our attention via a 10″ on Planet Mu, and later releases via Somia, Combine, Schematic, and Detroit Underground. His music is hard to pin down, as diverse as it is precise, swinging from dubby hip hop to pounding hi-tech dubstep to searing acid electro breakbeats, and that’s just for starters. What’s unique though is his ability to apply precision sound design to smash up the dancefloors, as proven by Maneken Acid which was championed by Rob Hall, Jerome Hill and Stormfield. Subjex’s production style is typified by spending ages laboriously working and reworking material until all sounds are interconnected on most tunes, with melodies generated by the beats themselves.


Appears on:

Anodyne – Empire of Glass (Subjex remix)

Pulsar Telecom – (Ten Years of Combat)