The Cedric von Flügel moniker first appeared on the Chinese Whispers project on the ISIGTUTEOT label (2006). To begin with all that was known about him was this blurb:

“Whether it is scaling the infamous Dutch mountain ranges, hunting Orca in the Serengeti or enduring blizzards in the icy wastelands of Afghanistan, Cedric von Flugel is always at the forefront of adventure and exploration. Not much is known about this enigmatic man other than his ubiquitous exploratory achievements.”

Then, due to a debut live performance and a costume which gradually disappeared over the course of the night, it came to light it was just some Geordie twat.

Cedric made his name in the Newcastle (UK) underground scene performing improvised sets of Geordie Radgecore Techno. He releases on the highly regarded outlets Section 27 and Touched Music, and has remixed Nonima / Mitoma. His two fierce acid works (Dynamic Shift and Spanner in the Works) were championed by Stormfield at Brainwash/Glastobury in 2016 and inspired the Riot Season compilation.


Appears on:

Dynamic Shift (Riot Season)

Spanner in the Works (Riot Season)