Esa Juhani Ruoho from Helsinki, Finland, started producing music at the age of 15 – back in 1994. He’s since moved around Kontula (Finland), Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada and Dublin. Starting with trackers, Esa has kept the up-down vibe and also branched out to left-right transmutations when it comes to step sequencers – preferring a mix of vertical trackers and horizontal sequencers, and jamming on top of that with other forms of note-stepping, a mixture that is both static and out of control. Having remixed Anodyne’s brilliant Corrosion album, the Finnish veteran producer applied his skills to a powerful rework for Empire of Dust, furious, fierce crisp beats riding atop a big rolling sub, brooding atmospherics and awesome synth work, with huge searing strings that make you feel like you’re standing still in time, with gaze locked into the distant future/past.

Appears on:

Anodyne – Empire of Dust (Lackluster remix)