Completely deranged electronic lunatic with the odd occasional punk tendency, Cursor Miner sits alongside Aphex Twin and Ardisson as one of London’s mad electronic geniuses par excellence. We approached him after hearing his relentless and severely warped breakbeat / electro punishment on various other labels. Cursor combines the arrangements and intricacies of glitch electronica with infectiously funky robot rhythms, making people on dancefloor everywhere twist up like spastics – as witnessed at 2003’s Hung Drawn and Quartered festival on Fuel Record’s legendary Funktion One soundsystem, the Trigger Soundsystem up in Birmingham, and other events over Europe and as far as Russia. In between terrorising dancefloors, Cursor Miner works for Ableton in Berlin and used to design jingles and sound bites for BBC’ Radio 1’s various shows and occasionally appears live on Mary Anne Hobb’s Breezeblock on Radio 1.

Appears on:

Carnivore (4 Guardians EP)

Grimewatch (2 Paths of Anger)

Fungus Gnat Fighting (Ten Years of Combat)

Point B – Headland (Cursor Miner remix)

ScanOne – Skip (Cursor Miner remix)

Undecidable (Riot Season compilation)

Null Hypothesis (Riot Season compilation)