Boris Noiz

Boris Noiz one of the most knowledgable young producers to join the clan. Twisted future hardcore rinse outs, orchestration and dextrous edits define his sound, allowing him to deftly switch from neo-hardcore jungle (on ScanOne’s Yellow Machines label) to old skool acid house (Lost in the Sound) to skittering broken techno (his remix of Point B, championed by Surgeon and DJ Substance) and mutant Black Dog-type hardcore electro (his remix of Anodyne’s Empire of Light). He’s also turned in one of the best Scorn remixes to date (forthcoming on Combat).

By the time the Dubstep scene in the UK had begun hastily building walls around their scene, the virus had already escaped the laboratory. Mutated versions of the emergent genre were breeding, and they have returned to devour the original organism.

One of these replicants gone bad is Boris Noiz. Hailing from Subotica in Serbia, his first vinyl release was on Excision’s then relatively new Rottun Recordings, the track Vehemence, had a twisted militant industrial funky swagger that still sounds fresh today.

The fact that this fusion of hardcore breaks and state of the art mechanical rhythms originated from Serbia made me curious as to the producers influences and how they arrived at this sound. I was not alone. Noiz’ early vinyl on Rottun caught the attention of anyone with an ear for serious sonic pressure. It gave new hope for hard edged experimental dancefloor music, influenced by the emerging dubstep scene, that wasn’t trying to conjure up some imagined authentic South London urban scenario.

Boris has gone on to become internationally synonymous with the darker dystopian side of bass music, with releases on Yellow Machines, Combat and EX7. His trademark sound of coldly emotive textures and soundscapes, contrasted with razor sharp beats and mechanized percussion is unique and futuristic, but draws clear influences from early 90s breakbeat hardcore and techno.

Current side project Lost in the Sound, explores Boris’ love of jacking acid and the deeper reflective sounds of Detroit and Chicago. He confounds the notion that artists should stick to one idea or concept, having a seemingly clear vision on what he thinks the future should sound like. Connecting the dots between the past and present and paying deserved respect to the people who got us where we are today.


Appears on:

Ingen & Noiz – Rituals EP

Ontal – Discipline

Point B – Suicide Beauty Spot (Boris Noiz remix)

Anodyne – Empire of Light (Boris Noiz remix)

Scorn – Gravel Bed (Boris Noiz remix – Riot Season EP)