The dark lord himself.

Scorn’s long and influential history in the deep, dark and disturbed end of the musical spectrum includes involvement in seminal bands such as Godflesh, Napalm Death, spawning Grindcore and it’s myriad of derivative genres. Unrelentingly prolific, his attention to cinematic detail and mastery of low-end sonics has stamped his own unique sound onto any genre he’s taken on, whether it be the beatless nightmarish sub-ambientscapes of Lull, the battering industrial techno of Monrella, or the myriad of different projects in between, including work with Surgeon, Autechre, John Zorn,Bill Laswell… the list goes on.

Avoiding musical scenes and working in isolation, Mick formed Scorn (initially with Nick Bullen, then producing solo) to further mangle sounds to fit his own dystopian vision: dubbed-out, earth-shaking beats and bass which has been compared by some to dubstep though it predated the genre’s existence by several years.

Appears on:

Gravel Bed

Super Mantis

Gravel Bed remixes

Super Mantis remixes

Gravel Bed – Zan Lyons remix – Ten Years of Combat

Gravel Bed – Noiz remix – Riot Season compilation