Nonima is the pseudonym of Tam Ferrans, hailing from a grey area of Scotland. His sound deviates between glitchy industrial techno workouts via ambient constructions and ever-morphing organisms. He also produces material as part of the Mitoma and Altered:Carbon projects.

He founded the Section 27 netlabel in April 2009, a non-profit Creative Commons Licensed platform for releasing underground electronic music by artists worldwide. The recent “Mitoma Industries” moniker is a sub-label of Section 27 that is used for reissues and Bandcamp-only releases.

Appears on:

Monolith (Ten Years of Combat)

Stormfield – Collapsing System (Nonima remix)

Nonima & Stormfield – Stratopshere EP

Stormfield – Sea Ice (Nonima remix)

Stormfield – Antifacid (Nonima remix)

Stormfield – Collapsing System (Nonima reprise)

Nonima & Stormfield – Darkfloor Session mix