Defunkt Dialekt

Defunkt Dialekt is the chief brain, producer, sound-designer, mastering / cutting engineer, DJ and overall very busy person behind the Irrational Media label.

His influences span from early 90’s Industrial, DIY Dub Noise and Birmingham Techno to early electronic avant garde musicians like Bebe & Louis Barron, Harry Partch, Delia Derbyshire and Raymond Scott. Throw in B-Movie Horror, Sci-Fi, Anime sound effects and scores into the mix, and it gives you an idea of the sounds seething and mutating inside his head, which take form in the Irrational Media releases.

Straddling both digital and analogue disciplines with ease, he crafts hyper-detailed, complex electronic compositions that buzz with a life of their own, using self-created software and hardware instruments. He is equally at ease translating audio ideas into artwork and hand-cutting vinyl records for Irrational Media and other affiliated labels.

Based up in Birmingham, he has worked closely with collectives such as Capsule, [K]racktroni[k] and ones further afield such as Daddy Tank, UVG212, Touched and many others.

His “Violent Flowers of Ignorance” on Combat makes expert use of punchy, rolling modular hardware bleeps and surgically precise digital micro-editing. The resulting electro track is tense, menacing and buzzes like a giant mechanoid wasp.

Appears on:

The Violent Flowers of Ignorance (Riot Season)