The creation of Richard Bultitude. From his early experimental post-punk four track recordings in Merseyside to his current releases on some of the UK’s most bleeding-edge electronic labels, Richard has come a long way, both musically and geographically. Now residing in Brixton, London, he continues to amass an ever-growing pile of electronic and semi acoustic music that’s won hard-earned respect from both electro mentalists and IDM fanatics alike since the release of his KnowOne EP a dextrous yet brutal blend of intricate electronica textures, sublime melodies and solid, militant dancefloor electro beats’n’breaks. This led to the Fictionary EP + remix work on Orson Records, plus a full length album on the underground electro giant ScSi AV. He’s since released on various labels showing a deeper, introspective warmth that nods at contemporaries L’usine, Arovane, Boards of Canada and Global Communication.

Appears on:

Suicide Beauty Spot (album)

Suicide Beauty Spot remixes I & II

Rain Chemistry EP

Cinder Cones & Animal Bones EP

Industrial Revulsion

Pareidolia (Ten Years of Combat)

Stormfield – Haiku (Point B’s Rain version)