Create Her brings ancient storytelling and primordial methods to future structures and systems. A witness to the perennial search for true love, Create Her manifests the modern prospector, siphoning the boundless energy harbored in our drive for fulfillment through another. Sustained by desire, Her channels this raw force to manifest her own art.

Create Her’s sound melds intricate rhythms, meticulous design, ineluctable throbs and breathing basslines drawing from classic IDM, techno, and drum & bass. Her has shared the stage with acts all across the spectrum such as Amon Tobin, Photek, Max Cooper, Totally Enormous Exctinct Dinosaurs, kuxxan SUUM, End.user, The Sect, SHVLFCE, Your Move, Raiz, and Jogyo.

Aka. De Qualia


Appears on:

Marco Donnarumma – Hypochrysos – Create Her’s Full Contact mix – (Ten Years of Combat)