Cloaks are considered to be one of the more abstract and uncompromising production teams to have emerged from the spannered and industrial-edged UK dubstep scene.

Their distorted and often claustrophobic sound, created using found sound and circuit bent instruments was first debuted on the London based Werk Discs, with their output drawing comparison to not only modern bass music but to the darker sounds of noise and industrial. </p>

“Versus Grain” is a very aptly chosen title for their debut album, defiantly holding high the flag for deliberate, handcrafted subsonic abrasion.

 They run the excellent 3 by 3 Music label and are affiliated to Justin Broadrick (Jesu / Godflesh), Ancient Methods, Devilman (Scotch Egg) and Dead Fader.

  Cloaks appear as guest remixers for Point B’s Suicide Beauty Spot

Appears on:

Point B – Suicide Beauty Spot  (Cloaks remix)