Black Mass Plastics records are synonymous with snarling, bass-driven machine funk in the fierce spirit of old hardcore. Part of the Dead Silence crew with The Dexorcist, Bass Junkie, Bomb Dogs et al, he takes his experience of 80’s electro / industrial music and 90’s rave into the studio, churning out tense, hard-edged and futuristic dancefloor tracks that fiercely defy the boundaries between breakbeats, electro and 2-step. Check his releases on labels like France’s FDB’ and UK labels such as Rag and Bone, Dirty Needles, Audio Illusion, Ugly Funk and his own Thorn Industries imprint. These tracks don’t just merely rock your body; they grab you by the throat and smash you hard in the gut. Black Mass’ Robophobic and Thorn 2 were played by John Peel on BBC Radio One as well as on the BBC World Service. He continues to receive DJ support from fiercely competitive underground stations like Rinse FM, Breaks FM, Pulse Radio and Resonance FM.

Appears on:

Do The Mash ‎EP

Pump Maximiser (4 Guardians EP)

Scorn – Supermantis (Blackmass Plastics remix)

ScanOne – Skip (Blackmass Plastics remix + Cursor Miner and Blackmass Plastics 3IP remix)

Stormfield – Haiku (Blackmass Plastics remix)

ScanOne – Kik It (Blackmass Plastics VIP)

Point B – Headland (Blackmass Plastics remix)