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The boss behind Combat Recordings, Stormfield DJs, produces and performs audio-visual live sets at various parties, and also runs the regular Riddim’n‘Bruise radio show on Sub FM.

A DJ with 19 years of experience under his belt, Stormfield’s sonic influences are rooted in the early 90’s strains of electronica and abstract techno like LFO, Aphex Twin, Black Dog, Autechre. Taking on board the early junglism of Photek and Source Direct, he later carried these influences proudly through other forms of music like electro, dubstep and hard breakage.

Later exposure to the works of Scorn and a 4-year stint living near Brixton’s colossal dub soundsystems left him with a pathological need for chest-crushing basslines, and thus Combat Recordings was formed in 2004.

2010 saw him evolve Combat A.V., fusing the label’s visual and sonic elements in the form of improvised live audio visual performances across Europe like the Norberg Fest (Sweden), REC Fest (Spain), Freeze Fest / Anti Surveillance Benefit (Czech), Tacheles (Berlin), FutureEverything Fest UK (with Jesu/Dead Fader), Glade (with Broken Note), Bangface Weekender UK (with Scorn), Athens Video Art Fest and Luben Fest (Greece).

His Smashment mix became the first dancehall jungle AV mix to be featured on the Electronic Explorations podcast.

Ever busy, he also teaches A.V. and ran a workshop on audio visual technology at the Norberg Festival


• live at Plex/Combat party, dubstep techno electro.

Riddim’nBruise radio show on Sub FM, bashment jungle dancehall set

[audiovisual work]


Collapsing System E.P., Combat 2013
featured on Electronic Explorations Warehouse mix series

Focus – Electronic Explorations compilation, 2012

El Solpo del Diablo – Gunjack (Stormfield acid mix), Electro Compendium 2012

Moon Palace – Izaak Stern (Stormfield mix), Qilin Recs 2010

Badman Near Dark – King Cannibal (Stormfield mix), Combat 2008

Inner Silence – Jarring Effects 2008

Haiku E.P. – Combat 2006, featured on Mary Anne Hobbs’ Experimental show, BBC Radio 1

Gravel Bed – Scorn (Stormfield mix), Combat unreleased

[other projects]

Boiler Room – Nothing New mix 2011 with Rob booth

Warehouse Series with Rob booth

Yellow Machines mix CD for YM 010

[notable gigs]

• Maschinenfest (as part of Fausten), Oberhausen, 2013
• Burn the Machine, Berlin 2013
• Norberg Fest, (live AV + AV workshop), Sweden, 2011
• Bangface Weekender (with Scorn), 2011
• Athens Video Art Festival, 2011
• Freeze Fest, Czech Republic, 2010
• Big Brother Awards anti surveillance benefit, Prague, 2010
• Unconquered Town Fest, Croatia, 2010
REC Fest for live cinema and digital arts, Tarragonna, 2010
• Future Everything Fest, Manchester, 2010
• Centrifuge, Berlin, 2010
• Bass Infection, Prague & Brno, 2009
• Sound Headquarters, Prague, 2009
• Plex, UK, 2009
• Dubsolis, Latvia 2008
• Mutant Dub, Singapore, 2008
• Electrode, Manchester, 2008
• Yardcore, London/Czech, various
• Sequence, Manchester, 2007
• Bloc Festival, UK, 2007
• No Fixed Abode, UK, various
• Interakt, London, various 2005 & 2006
• Elektroactivity, Belgium 2005
• Pick your Perversions, Miami, 2003

Combat Recordings

  • logois a London-based label that specialises in fierce electronic music drawn from the unstable, creative space between electro, dubstep, breakbeat and electronica, combining strong points while keeping bass pressure up at redline levels.

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