The first artist to have released on Combat, and whose music defined the sound of releases to come. Gritty cinematic breakbeats laced with crisp electronica edits and reinforced with London-bred basslines. This is the sound of Scan One. Having toured the world as part of the renowned Light Surgeons live visual crew, Jude Greenaway is an equally accomplished producer and DJ, pushing his characteristic sound across London venues like Fabric, Wang, Bass Invader, Ginglik and as far abroad as Finland and Morocco. His background in visual editing lends a unique feel to his tracks, perfectly matching sounds to images, moods and textures that are as clear in your mind as they are projected across massive screens in clubs like London’s Fabric.

Appears on:

7th Bullet EP

7th Bullet (Ardisson remix) – 4 Guardians EP

Toolkit Part I

Toolkit Part II

Vengeful Ghosts EP

Dark Horse Dubs

UFB (Ten Years of Combat)