Former Brighton noise terrorist now based in Berlin, Dead Fader has cause all sorts of sonic mayhem since their first album Corrupt my Examiner (3 by 3 music) and more recently the Luckeey EP on Tigerbeat 6. It might surprise fans that Dead Fader also has a melodic side, and very good it is too.

Some of that is visible in his remix of Anodyne’s Empire of Light,  with a long, lush intro and lush improvised melodies that almost cushion you before the trademark Dead Fader beats crunch in with speaker-destroying force.

Dead Fader appear as guest remixers for Anodyne’s Empire of Light, on COMBAT030

Appears on:

Dancefloor Nemesis (Ten Years of Combat)

Anodyne – Empire of Light (Dead Fader remix)

Point B – Suicide Beauty Spot (Dead Fader remix)