Boxcutter is the alias of electronic musician Barry Lynn. Originating from Northern Ireland, Boxcutter’s tracks have a rhythmically 2-step nature and are bass led. Although mostly categorised as dubstep, Boxcutter has developed a sound that has style and idiosyncrasies that somewhat resemble IDM producers such as Squarepusher. Boxcutter has been released on record labels including: Planet Mu, Kinnego and Hot Flush. He has been set to hate the idea of monikers and wanted to change his alias for every release but has somehow got stuck with Boxcutter.

Boxcutter is often inspired by sci-fi and outer space. His album, Arecibo Message, revolved around the idea of a message being sent into space in case any aliens are listening.

He appears as guest remixer for Point B&#8217;s <strong>Suicide Beauty Spot

Appears on:

Point B – Suicide Beauty Spot (Boxcutter remix)