Monster X – Radikalize – Combat Recordings 037
Release date 11.09.18 (bandcamp) and 17.09.18 (all other outlets)

10 tracks of crisp, detailed and brain-mangling electronics that veer with precision from cinematic, sublime drone ambience to frenetic, sustained and intricate drumwork, with all manner of obtuse machine rhythms in-between.

Radikalize resulted from a unique combination of factors: solid base of insanely good sound design skills, anger at world events, and the internalisation of the latter as fuel to focus on drum-splattered, hyper-detailed and immersive tracks.

What comes out of this process is equal parts rage and cold, alien precision.
The process extends to the naming as well, avoiding fancy allusions to conceptual heights, tracks are deliberately untitled, assigned numbers RDK0 to RDK9 like on a production line; the music deliberately is left to do the talking itself, which it does with brutal eloquence.

For fans of the usual suspects Richard Devine, Autechre, Aphex et al.