Ten Years of Combat – Igloomag review

“Ten Years showcases a lot of what makes Combat Recordings the most aggressive drum and bass label out there. For a genre that pretty much thrives on the violent dynamic of its programming, Ten Years shows that every artist on Combat’s roster can out-beat even the most experienced drum and bass gearhead when it comes to aggressiveness.

This is a compilation comprised of nineteen tracks that should satisfy anyone with a hankering for no-nonsense drum ‘n’ bass and hardy electronics. When it’s at its best, the compilation showcases a variety of artists with distinct signatures, at its worst, the tracks can meander a bit, but it’s still a compilation by Combat. Tracks by King Cannibal, Nomina, Monster X and Cursor Miner showcase Combat’s sonic weaponry with a vengeance. Indeed, this is sonic aggression at its purest. For a relatively small label, Combat has managed to gain an admirable roster and a fairly decent catalog. Here’s to ten years more.”

Thank you Igloomag