Nonima – Skirmish blog

“Tam Ferrans is a producer that we’ve been keen on here at the Skirmish blog for a while, having first posted about him last year. As Nonima his productions have always been nothing but quality and along with his other projects Mitoma and Altered Carbon, the Scottish producer has been responsible for releasing some of the best I.D.M. around. There’s always a certain precision to his productions that is evident in each project and merely than just meandering to an off kilter beat without thought, it flows in such a lucid manner that he makes it seems effortless.  He also runs the consistently diverse and wicked Scottish label Section 27,that offers all it’s releases for free and has two of Ireland’s finest  Jimmy The Hideous Penguin andVentolyn and Becotyde also on their roster. I personally love anything he’s been involved in and am delighted he answered some questions I sent his way. The guy knows his stuff.”

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