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Operative :: Anodyne
release :: Sept 2012

The “Empires remixes series part 2” promises to be one of Anodyne’s best projects yet, seeing the original tracks masterfully reworked by electronic legends Plaid, as well as highly regarded producers Anstam, Roel Funcken, Dead Fader, 214, Defekt, Lackluster, Subjex, Devilman (DJ Scotch Egg) and rising new producers Boris Noiz and Combat’s new act Fausten.

1. Empire of Light Boris Noiz remix
2. Empire of Light Subjex remix
3. Empire of GlassPlaid remix
4. Empire of Time – DeFeKt remix
5. Empire of Glass – 214 remix
6. Empire of Glass – Devilman remix

[Empire of Light – Boris Noiz mix]
“Noiz confounds the notion that artists should stick to one idea or concept, having a seemingly clear vision on what he thinks the future should sound like. Connecting the dots between the past and present and paying deserved respect to the people who got us where we are today.” – Darkfloor

Twisted future hardcore rinse outs, sublime orchestration and dextrous edits define his sound, on display here with majestic Black Dog-esque strings and fierce, clattering jungle / hardcore riffage atop a massive bassdrum.

Hailing from Subotica, Serbia, Boris Noiz one of the most adept new producers to join the Combat clan. Shockingly knowledgable across various disciplines, he is able to deftly switch from neo-hardcore jungle (on ScanOne’s Yellow Machines label) to old skool acid house (Lost in the Sound) to skittering broken techno (his remix of Point B, championed by Surgeon and DJ Substance).

He’s also turned in one of the best Scorn remixes to date (forthcoming on Combat).

[Empire of Light – Subjex remix]
Subjex is the production incarnation of Matthieu Debliqui from Lille, France. Subjex’s warped sonics first came to our attention via a 10” on Planet Mu, and later releases via Somia, Combine, Schematic, and (soon) Detroit Underground. He also runs his own imprints Bedroom Research and In Vitro Recordings.

The sound of Subjex is hard to pin down, as diverse as it is precise, swinging from dubby hip hop to pounding hi-tech dubstep to searing acid electro breakbeats, and that’s just for starters. What’s unique though is his ability to apply precision sound design to smash up the dancefloors, as proven by “Maneken Acid“which was championed by Rob Hall and Stormfield. Subjex’s production style is typified by spending ages laboriously working and reworking material until all sounds are interconnected on most tunes, with melodies generated by the beats themselves.

Here he reworks Anodyne’s Empire of Light into an epic charging beast of a track, colossal kickdrums and snarling bleeps like a giant robot gone mad, flattening whole cities before letting Anodyne’s strings infuse the space in the 2nd half of the track.

[Empire of Time – Defekt mix]

Dublin-based DeFeKT is an Irish Electro Dj/producer influenced by future technologies, synthetic music from the influence of Kraftwerk and science fiction writer Philip K Dick. He is the only artist to remix Empire of Time, Defekt reworks the original into a rolling, warm mechanoid barrage of solid chunky electro, tense, pulsing and assured.

Working to a strict discipline of “Drum machines, synths and sci-fi” he uses hardware to steadfastly champion “true” electro against the confusing glut of electro house, his music has been released via labels such as BFP, Take Over recordings, Alkalinear Recordings, New flesh records and AC records.

[Empire of Glass – Plaid mix]

THE Warp legends Plaid should need absolutely no introduction, really.
We’re really proud that they agreed to remix for us, and even happier that it’s no less that a Plaid acid track, masterfully built and reminiscent of their 303-drenched Psil-Cosyin from their Spanners and Peel Sessions albums.

[Empire of Glass – 214 mix]

“Seattle resident by way of Miami, audio mulcher of the electro sound.” Chris Roman aka. 214 has been pushing his own melodic, polished take on electro for near on a decade, via labels such as Mikrolux, Ai records, Digital Distortions, Outside Recordings, Touchin’ Bass, Car Crash Set, Harbour City Sorrow/Clone Records, and more recently Frustrated Funk/Clone Records, Hypercolour and Fortified Audio.

Having met up with Stormfield in Miami 2003, contact has been maintained ever since as both developed their own projects over the years. Predominantly performing in the US, 214 has brought his sound to the UK via performances at the Bloc Festival and releases on Andrea Parker’s Touchin’ Bass label.

[Empire of Glass – Devilman mix]
Devilman is a side project of DJ Scotch Egg (born Shigeru Ishihara), a Japanese producer of chiptune / gabber / industrial noise music now based in Berlin. A long time affiliate of Brighton’s Wrong Music crew, he went on to release his insane output via Adaadat, Junior Aspirin Records, 3 by 3 Music and now Combat. At a recent gig in Berlin he jokingly said “I don’t know how to write music, I just make distortion”, but the opposite is true – he harnesses powerful analogue distortion and crafts it perfectly to absolutely devastating dancefloor effect.

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