[COMBAT 22] :: Neil Landstrumm / Ebola / SES : Acid House James May E.P.

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Following fiercely after the Scorn/Bracket assault of Gravel Bed, COMBAT022 sees a collaboration between techno legends Neil Landstrumm, Tobias Schmidt and the electronic instigator Ebola from Brighton’s notorious Wrong Music crew.

All 4 tracks explore the mutant no-man’s land between electro, bass-tech, grime, techno, dubstep and glitchy electronics.

Side A sees Landstrumm fusing his beefy, warm analogue dread bass and scorched dubsirens with Ebola’s crisp, surgically precise electronica edits, to give a growling mutant half-stepper that’s built to smash down buildings and flatten cities. Distant Chris Clark-eque keys flutter in and out of focus, giving a surreal, oddly contemplative perspective to the mass destruction caused. Side B, meanwhile, features 2 tracks from Sugar Experiment Station (Landstrumm and Tobias Schmidt) which run deep and minimal (hate using that word these days) on a electro-bass tip, with pulsing 808 bassdrums, dirty, sour synth riffs and pitched metallic textures. One for the dark rooms and huge speakers!

The soundtrack to cyborgs tearing up a huge warehouse (with extra subs)

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  • logois a London-based label that specialises in fierce electronic music drawn from the unstable, creative space between electro, dubstep, breakbeat and electronica, combining strong points while keeping bass pressure up at redline levels.

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