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Dublin-based DeFeKT an Irish Electro Dj/producer influenced by future technologies, synthetic music from the influence of Kraftwerk and science fiction writer Philip K Dick….Voight-Kampff test!

Working to a strict discipline of “Drum machines, synths and sci-fi” he uses hardware to steadfastly champion “true” electro against the confusing glut of electro house, his music has been released via labels such as BFP, Take Over recordings, Alkalinear Recordings, New flesh records and AC records.

DeFeKt appear as guest remixer for Anodyne’s Empire of Time, on COMBAT031

Combat Recordings

  • logois a London-based label that specialises in fierce electronic music drawn from the unstable, creative space between electro, dubstep, breakbeat and electronica, combining strong points while keeping bass pressure up at redline levels.

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